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Good Commit Messages

Software engineering is an incredibly knowledge intensive process. Commit messages are a well known and powerful tool to capture and transmit knowledge. From personal experience, concise and informative commit messages makes interacting with a codebase much more straightforward.

Daring Fireball: Online Privacy Should Be Modeled on Real-World Privacy

The entitlement of these fuckers is just off the charts. They have zero right, none, to the tracking they’ve been getting away with. We, as a society, have implicitly accepted it because we never really noticed it. You, the user, have no way of seeing it happen. Our brains are naturally attuned to detect and viscerally reject, with outrage and alarm, real-world intrusions into our privacy. Real-world marketers could never get away with tracking us like online marketers do.

Design Considerations

When comparing technologies that perform the same function, a technology that is simpler in design will tend to be simpler to construct and repair, but will tend to require greater skill to use, whereas a technology that requires less skill to use will tend to be more complex in design and more complex to construct and repair.

Challenge to scientists: does your ten-year-old code still run?

Counter-intuitively, many challenge participants found that code written in older languages was actually the easiest to reuse. Newer languages’ rapidly evolving APIs and reliance on third-party libraries make them vulnerable to breaking. In that sense, the sunsetting of Python 2.7 at the start of this year represents an opportunity for scientists, Rougier and Hinsen note. Python 2.7 puts “at our disposal an advanced programming language that is guaranteed not to evolve anymore”, Rougier writes.

What Do We Do With Feelings Now That They Don’t Matter Anymore?

I can’t worry about becoming sane at some point or becoming a whole person or forgiving myself or forgiving others. There was a time when that stuff mattered. That time is over, and I’m both embarrassed about the time I wasted thinking about it and miss the luxury of that time. I wish everything still mattered, but it just doesn’t, and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with my depression and insecurities and personal petty fears now. They used to be so tragic and important. Now they are old plastic toys.
What Do We Do With Feelings Now That They Don’t Matter Anymore?